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About Our Association

 The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc. (P.V.A. Australia Inc.) is a not-for-profit, non government, voluntary organisation – we do not have any paid workers, all are volunteers.  P.V.A is not funded by government – our funding is derived from membership fees, applying for grants, donations and fundraising.

P.V.A. believes that there is a great need for support for all partners/carers, widows/widowers and families of Australian veterans, both now and in the future, as our defence forces continue to be deployed to areas of conflict throughout the world.  Our aim is not only to support the partners of our generation, but also to consider the needs of all future generations and to have in place a support network that was not available when many of our veterans returned from their war service.

Our Vision 

A community where all partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their Allies and their families are recognised and their wellbeing is vital in achieving healthy members of Society.  

Our Mission

As the national body, voice and focus for all partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their allies and their families, we are committed to providing every support and assistance practicable for their welfare, health and special needs.  This is achieved by our key role of providing leadership and advocacy for health and welfare promoting strategies, policy and program development that assists partners and their dependants and descendants.

Our Alliance In The Defence Family

P.V.A. Australia Inc. is a member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which comprises many of Australia's major military ex service organisations (ESO). The Alliance represents a significant number of members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative matters to the Australian Parliament and all political parties. Its aim is to promote and protect the conditions and well-being of the Defence Family that embraces over three million people.

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