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P.V.A.'s National 1300 Helpline

1300 553 835

The P.V.A. 1300 Helpline is a 24/7 link to support and information for partners of veterans, current serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families.

This nationwide service makes information referral and welfare assistance an affordable and less stressful exercise for those seeking help.  Many partners are more willing to ring our association for advice on where to get help for not only themselves and their children but also in many cases, for their veteran.

The 1300 Helpline is available for the cost of a local call (from landlines) and in particular helps those partners living in rural and regional areas.

Each P.V.A. state branch has answer points spread over a large geographical area within their state and callers will be speaking with TIP trained welfare officers to pass on any referrals needed.

Our 1300 Helpline provides vital assistance to a section of the veteran community (namely partners and children) who in many cases find it difficult to speak with government departments and are more at ease speaking with partners who are trained and able to pass on up-to-date welfare information while offering friendship and understanding at the same time.

Your nationwide link to support, friendship,  information and understanding -

1300 553 835 - Call us!