The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc.

More than 30 local P.V.A. QLD Inc. groups, and independent members, operate throughout Queensland! The P.V.A. QLD Inc. was established by a group of partners with the aim of helping other partners and this ‘partner-to-partner’ support is the keystone of our local Queensland groups today.

In Queensland, we invite you to:

  • Receive support,
  • Build new friendships,
  • Chat to as well as provide helpful information, and
  • Know that we have ‘been there’ – we understand!

For P.V.A. QLD Inc. members we also provide access to our trained volunteer P.V.A. QLD Inc. Welfare Officers as well as the P.V.A. QLD Inc. helpline to talk to someone who cares. Stay up-to-date via our P.V.A. Australia Inc. Facebook page. Also, be invited to join the local P.V.A.QLD Inc. Support Group’s Facebook Group - Be connected anywhere, anytime. Find out more on our membership page.